Brews Preview: Meet the April 2019 Speaker Panel

Brews Preview: Meet the April 2019 Speaker Panel

We’re excited to introduce you to our panel of speakers for the next Bunker Brews: Social Media & Marketing on Wednesday, April 17th.

We’ll be joined by a panel of entrepreneurs, veterans and local social media experts who will discuss current marketing trends and how to leverage online tools to help grow your business.

The event will be held at Pricewaterhouse Coopers on Market Street from 6:00-8:30PM.

The panel will be moderated by Kenneth Hilario from the Philadelphia Business Journal. Kenneth is a reporter who covers marketing communications and the local hospitality industry.


Gretchen Roede, CEO of Broadpath, Inc. will be covering how to build messaging and positioning strategy for growth companies. Broadpath, Inc. is a strategic communications firm that develops public relations and content marketing strategies for technology and other high innovation companies.  

“At Broadpath, we begin with an analysis of not only your company, its vision, and its offering, but also what the competitive set has to offer, and how they're presenting themselves in the marketplace. We also take a look at the market dialogue, meaning what is being discussed? It’s important to take a look at that whole picture to decide how to position yourself and how to articulate your positioning in a way that’s going to be meaningful and differentiated.”

Broadpath has been an active supporter of Bunker Labs for several years by providing their services and input to the Philadelphia chapter.  

“We see  firsthand the quality entrepreneurs that evolve from military background and training,” remarked Gretchen. “And we’re very impressed with what veteran entrepreneurs are bringing to the table in terms of character and mission-oriented focus.”

We’ll be joined by two entrepreneurs with a military background on next week’s panel, Yasmin George and Dash Wong.


Yasmin George is a military spouse and the CEO of Trend Lab, a marketing agency that offers marketing strategy, market research and automated lead gen services to small business owners.

“Many business think when it comes to marketing in general, ‘I’ve tried it [a particular tactic] once and it didn’t work.’ so then they try something else.  And the same thing happens again with the next marketing campaign.  It’s never a once and done with marketing. My goal with Trend Lab is to educate smaller businesses on how to use marketing effectively by creating a foundation, and using that to reach their specific audiences. Ultimately, I want to show them that marketing isn’t just a support function in a business, but it is a driver for business growth..”

Yasmin is a member of the Spring 2019 WeWork Veterans in Residence program, joined by nine other veteran entrepreneurs and their startups.


Dash Wong is a former Special Operator for the Navy SEAL teams and the current host of Kill Cliff VanaVlog, a podcast sponsored by energy bar company and SEAL Foundation partner Kill Cliff. The podcast features Dash and his family, who are traveling around the country in their Volkswagen bus, interviewing transitioning veterans and veteran entrepreneurs.

Dash served in the Navy for 14 years, until he medically retired due to a lung cancer diagnosis.

“Going through cancer, my one escape to keep my mind off the procedures was working on my old Volkswagen bus with my two boys,” he said. “After I had finished and was settling into the process of transitioning out of the military, I saw this opportunity for a traveling road show where I could interview veterans and veteran entrepreneurs who are paving the way for others to transition successfully.”

Dash pitched his idea to a number of companies before being picked up by Kill Cliff, a veteran-owned sports drink company that partners with the SEAL Foundation.

“Social media was a huge tool for me to get my story out there,” Dash explained. “I read all the manuals for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, and I realized that advertising on social media is a lot less intimidating than it seems. The only reason I had people lend help and offer their services was because of the tactical way I employed social media to get my message out, and I’m really thankful for that.”

To learn more about these speakers and to register for the April 17th Bunker Brews, click here.