CONNECT: Bob Moul from Cloudreach

Bunker Labs is run by former military people, which means they understand. It’s incredibly important to have Veterans who have been there get that involved. They play such a critical role.
— Bob Moul, Cloudreach

To entrepreneur and business consultant Bob Moul, Bunker Labs is the guiding light for entrepreneurial Veterans here in Philly.

Bob has been guiding businesses in the tech world for over 35 years, helping businesses launch and thrive, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. These days, he’s focused on getting today’s kids ready for tomorrow’s world by pushing hard for computer science to become a key part of the core curriculum here in Philly’s public schools. For Bob, providing students with the resources they need is a top priority, and it’s definitely time to “wake up and get our act together.”

Bob sees mentorship a bit differently, and doesn’t subscribe to the typical hierarchy implied by the textbook meaning behind the term "mentor." Since he’s willing and eager to share his vast wisdom and insights with many new businesses along his journey, Bob thinks of himself as more of a coach than a mentor. He loves sharing all that knowledge - both individually and on panels here at Bunker Labs. Bob’s had many close friends and family members spend time in the service, and recognizes that Veterans have exactly what it takes to be successful entrepreneurs. For him, it’s definitely worth “doing these folks a solid,” whenever he can. And whenever we all can.

Bob believes Philly is ripe with job opportunity for many veterans, especially in the IT world. Through Bunker Labs, the opportunities for connections and one-to-one outreach are there, as are the resources are there for success. If Veterans are ready to reach out and connect, Bunker Labs can truly become a guiding light, providing a path of focus to Veterans who are looking for opportunities but needing a little extra coaching on how to get there.

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