Q&A with Christine Walsh from Walsh Accounting

We'd be nowhere without our network! Our community members have helped Bunker Labs PHL put on great events and provide content, even if it is behind the scenes. Today, we're speaking with Christine Walsh of Walsh Accounting. 

Bunker Labs PHL: Tell us about Walsh Accounting

Christine Walsh: We are focused on trying to help companies get an accounting process in place and also help them succeed by doing that work for them so they can focus on running their business. We don’t do taxes, what we want to do is be the accounting department for a company. I think that by focusing just on the company it helps them be successful.

BL: Do you have a military background?

CW: I have always been very appreciative to the military who look after us. My son’s lacrosse coach was just deployed the day after the playoff game and he has his own business. I never quite understood how our country can let people come back from defending our country without support around them. I’m happy to support that group.

BL: Tell us more about Christine!

CW: I started my own company in 2009. When I was young, I used to watch my dad as an entrepreneur. I wanted to work for a big company because I didn’t want all those worries. 

I was an auditor when I first got out of college and I realized I really wanted to help smaller companies. Even though I learned a ton from being an auditor, I always felt like there was more a CPA could offer to a business than just doing their taxes.  

We are a technology-forward accounting company. We are trying to find ways to electronically automate and are completely paperless. We pay bills electronically which helps customers get money in the door faster and it creates a huge amount of efficiency. It is real-time accounting.

Additionally, I am on the board of the Police Athletic League to help connect the police with kids and keep them on the right track in Lansdale, PA. There are five police townships involved in it in Montgomery County. I’m the treasurer and I’ve been on the board for around five years. 

BLHow do you stand up against your competitors?

CW: I feel passionate about this. We are more embedded in the company, we are more partners with the company. We encourage a good business relationship. Clients call us for things not accounting related like, "Do you think I need to open a new bank account?", or "Do you have an insurance broker?" 

Our competitive advantage is the personal relationship we have with our customers. We aren’t helping you if we aren’t doing work for you. We want to make sure your bills are paid so you can just focus on your business.

BL: Why get involved with Bunker Labs?

CW: It's inspiring to have Bunker focused on helping veterans succeed in business. I'm so happy that someone’s tackling that area and helping these people succeed and bringing them all together. There’s strength in networking and helping each other. 

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Visit Walsh-Accounting at www.walsh-accounting.com