INSPIRE: Dan Hughes from Claritee Group

Bunker Labs is a place where entrepreneurs can advance themselves and move their ideas forward. Everyone wants to be part of something bigger than themselves, and Bunker Labs helps you get there.
— Dan Hughes, Claritee Group

Bunker Labs offers vital connections for Veterans and their spouses who are looking for inspiration and guidance on their journey to launch the next great business. Through thoughtful leadership and business guidance, our Educate and Inspire programs provide Veterans with the tools they need to start their own companies. By connecting Veteran business leaders with key stakeholders in their communities, those transitioning back to civilian life and looking to climb the corporate ladder can get access to education, advice and ongoing mentorship.

Veteran Dan Hughes believes there’s no higher calling than being a mentor, and welcomes any opportunity to  advise and educate others to become something even bigger than they already are. A submariner in the Navy, Dan went on to co-found Claritee Group, a successful data analytics firm. Every day, Dan applies the skills he perfected overseas, leveraging his ability to organize, recognizing the value in camaraderie, and applying this understanding to a business model. He knows first-hand the challenges Veterans face when entering the civilian world, and gets that some people just need a little guidance and a helping hand when it comes to finding the confidence to take a step forward and go after their dreams. Because everything is attainable if you just take that first step and go for it. You just sometimes need a friend to help you on that journey forward.

For Dan, being a mentor is more than just becoming a business or professional connection. It’s about recognizing that mentees need to enjoy everything about life now that they’re back, and that having a rich personal life is always about more than just making money. He knows how valuable it is to have the ear of someone you can trust, because that’s what he valued most in his mentor relationship. It’s also why he believes so strongly in the value behind Bunker Labs.

At Bunker Labs, our mission is to  empower those returning from duty  to live their best possible lives. We  help Veterans become something bigger than themselves, and empower them with the tools they need to make their dreams a reality. For Dan, the support Bunker Labs provided was both rare and uniquely valuable and ultimately helped make his dreams come true.

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