CONNECT: Jean South from Hire Served

By helping a veteran entrepreneur, you’re helping them find their purpose, but you’re also helping them employ other veterans. You’re making a really powerful impact by supporting Bunker.
— Jean South, Hire Served

Many of us often find ourselves eager to rally around a great, big, new idea, but not always equipped with the tools required to turn that idea into a reality. At Bunker Labs, we connect military veterans and their families with the resources, tools and the relationships they need to get new businesses off the ground. We make it our mission to help those in the veteran community become even better versions of themselves.

Marine Corps spouse and former FBI Special Agent  Jean South was at a crossroads that many veteran and veteran spouses encounter. Should she go out and get a regular, possibly uninspiring job or should she take a risk and start her own business? That’s when Jean discovered Bunker Labs in Philadelphia. When Jean approached Bunker, she had the skills and the mindset required to start a business, but she needed an extra helping hand in how to take that plunge and really get started. That’s what Jean found in the Bunker Labs Community.

Today, Jean is one of the many successful graduates of the 2016 Bunker Labs Cohort. She launched her new endeavor, Hire Served, a recruiting firm that offers military passionate companies a competitive advantage in hiring veterans.  

With the guidance of Bunker Labs, Jean learned it was less about learning and more about having other people encourage her to become a better Jean, and about being strengthened by others. The connections Jean made were crucial to starting her own business, and the support she received through the Bunker Labs community has positively impacted Hire Served and fueled its success as a national thought leader in the recruiting space. And Jean’s success as a female CEO.

Jean continues to be both a strong advocate and supporter for Bunker Labs, not only by placing Veterans in the right companies, but by regularly participating in local Philly events geared at providing the same opportunities to the veteran community. People like Jean fuel the mission behind Bunker Labs and prove how meaningful connections can be in helping veterans and their families realize their untapped potential.

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