Sponsor Spotlight: PwC


Sponsor Spotlight: Kyle White from PwC

Bunker Labs PHL is fortunate enough to have a group of sponsors who are just as committed to veterans as we are. One of our sponsors, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), happens to be one of the leading global professional services networks with the goal of helping individuals and organizations create value, whether it is in tax and consulting services, human resources, or forensics.  

PwC provides services to more than 100,000 entrepreneurial businesses and employs nearly 2,000 veterans. We spoke with one of PwC’s veteran employees, Kyle White, who works as a manager within Information Security and Risk Compliance at PwC. He shared with us his experience transitioning into the workforce after service, why veterans are a unique asset in the corporate world, and how PwC is supporting the veteran community.  

After spending 12 years serving in the Marine Corps, Kyle was connected with a career opportunity at PwC through his involvement in the Greater Philadelphia Veterans Network (GPVN).  

“I’m not originally from Philly,” he explained. “A fellow Marine who was at PwC hand-walked my resume down to one of the partners. I have no doubt that I probably would not be working here without that. Folks in Philly and at PwC have really gone above and beyond to help me out, and because of that, I want to continue helping fellow veterans. It’s a ‘pay it forward’ kind of mentality.” 

Kyle and his co-worker who also happened to be a Marine veteran began the Philadelphia chapter of the Veterans Affinity Network (VAN) within PwC. This effort is aimed at hiring and supporting the professional development of the veteran community, and has done so through partnerships with Bunker Labs and a number of other veteran service organizations within the Philadelphia region.  

“PwC understands the value that veterans bring,” remarked Kyle. “Veterans have these skills that are constantly talked about, like punctuality, work ethic, a mission-oriented mindset…all of these make for a great hire and employee, because you can teach someone technical skills. Everything else is already taken care of.” 

On a national scale, PwC has programs like VAN and their Veterans Talent Network to provide opportunities for service members and their families. Aside from their hiring efforts, PwC also creates a company culture that recognizes how veterans not only benefit the company, but the surrounding community as well. Locally, the firm supports veteran groups like FourBlock, Bunker Labs Philadelphia, and Liberty USO through sponsorship and educational support. 

Kyle was on the speaker panel at May Bunker Brews during 2018 Philly Tech Week. He joined several of the region’s experts in discussing the fields of information science and cybersecurity with the Bunker Labs Community.  

“Monthly events like that are important for two reasons,” he explained. “One, you’re only as good as your network, especially within the veteran space. If it weren’t for GPVN, I probably wouldn’t be where I’m at now within PwC. Second, the discussion topics at these events can benefit everyone – regardless of if it’s within your industry or not, it’s always important to learn new things.” 

He went on to explain how PwC is staying true to its core values through its work with veterans service organizations like Bunker Labs.  

“PwC is really living by their values within the veteran space. Things like acting with integrity, making a difference, working together, caring, and reimagining the possible, all of these things have come through in their efforts with veterans.” 

To learn more about PwC’s support of the veteran community, click here.