INSPIRE: Tony Sanchez from Comcast

My military training is just a part of me. I went from high school straight into the Naval Academy, so everything I learned there, from the discipline, to the approach, to the attention to detail, just gets woven into your fabric. Everything I learned in the military has really been an asset to me and helped me as I moved up in the corporate world.
— Tony Sanchez, Comcast

For many military veterans, returning home can quite often be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Relying on friends and family for support is key, but knowing how and where to find additional mentorship can help with that transition, too.

Tony Sanchez, a former Navy SEAL, values that mentorship and its impact on his life and career. Upon returning from active duty, he dedicated his time to Bunker PHL, tapped into his entrepreneurial spirit and made that successful transition back to civilian life.

Tony comes from a long line of service-members, including his father, who served in the Filipino Army, his submariner father-in-law and his Navy SEAL brother. These relationships all influenced Tony, and helped shape the man he is today. They taught him about commitment, honor and drive. But when it came to wanting advice on how to ascend the corporate ladder, Tony needed a different kind of guidance. A mentor who could not only see the big picture, but how Tony could fit into it. Move forward. And move up.

Faced with the idea of hitting the proverbial corporate ceiling, Tony’s ‘aha” moment happened when he received some invaluable advice from a friend of his father’s. “Why don’t you use your leadership skills to learn more about sales and marketing and then actually run a company one day?” That was all Tony needed to see the bigger picture, and to get involved with Bunker Labs.

Now VP of Comcast Transformation at Comcast HQ in Philly, Tony appreciates the role of mentor more than ever.  Because he’s become one, too. He knows how much his time in the service, and what he’s learned about discipline, attention to detail and teamwork became the foundation for his life in business. He acknowledges that education and mentorship are key pillars to his success outside the military, and that others looking to make the transition should know how invaluable that training can be when applied to any business.

For Tony, it’s all about making an impact and serving the greater good.

This is why Tony continues to mentor in his role at Comcast and with Bunker Labs Philly as a 2017 Muster Guest Speaker.

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