Meet the WeWork Veterans in Residence Powered by Bunker Labs 2019-A Tribe

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Join us March 20 for a special Philadelphia Launch Party!

Class is in session at 16 WeWork locations nationwide.  The WeWork Veterans in Residence Powered by Bunker Labs program is a national initiative providing space, services, business mentorship, and community to help veteran and military family member entrepreneurs find their tribe and create their life’s work.

Ten companies based in the Philadelphia-region meet regularly for the 17-week program, which is designed to help veterans and veteran spouses launch, validate, and grow their businesses.  Topics include branding, scaling operations, raising capital and marketing, among others.  Each week, cohort companies present their successes and challenges to receive feedback and advice from other members, as well as learn from local experts on each week’s topic.

Let’s take a look at the WeWork Veterans in Residence 2019-A Tribe from Philadelphia:

Concihairge, LLC
Jonathan Cleck, US Navy
Concihairge, LLC provides contemporary, salon-quality hairstyling services in the convenience of clients’ homes or other on-site locations.  As a husband-wife team, they have taken a light-hearted approach to running the business to play off of their unique strengths.

CS Silhouette, LLC
Celeste Kenton, US Army
CS Silhouette, LLC provides services to enhance one’s beauty and confidence through various weight loss services.  Licensed Esthetician with experience in beauty, skincare and non-invasive weight loss solutions, Celeste wants to use her reach to provide better access to women beyond social and economic spectrums.

Delaware Regional Training Group
Sam Elliot, US Army
Delaware Regional Training Group is a security company developing real-time scenarios with role players to teach military and law enforcement members.  The vision for the company is to help the team continue to serve and to help its communities to be safer.

EGA Associates
Jeremy Mock, US Marine Corps
EGA Associates offers healthcare consulting and clinical staff augmentation.  With over 13 years of experience in Human Resources, Staff Augmentation, Acquisition & Logistics and Accounting, Jeremy wanted to merge his passion with extensive professional experience in government contracting.
Neil Anand, US Navy assists medical practices in setting up and operating in-office dispensing programs offering win-wins for both physicians and patients.  Neil received honorable discharge from the Navy, where he utilized anesthesia and pain management to treat soldiers injured in combat.  He is passionate about medical research and biotechnological innovations in 3D printing, tissue-engineering and regenerative medicine.

Chris Chavez, US Army
Phillyanthropy is a for-profit providing non-profits the insights, knowledge and motivation necessary in developing a viable strategic plan for the execution of day-to-day operations.  Lack of capital, misunderstanding of market and faulty models in attracting such markets are non-profit challenges he hopes to counter by providing better insights of nonprofits running their own day-to-day operations.

Rebeca Cruz-Esteves, US Army
Populouz is an organizational development consultancy focused on human capital and capacity in an organized and functional way.  Having worked at a Chamber of Commerce for four years, Rebecca has a unique ability to understand the challenges entrepreneurs face in the first 2-3 years.

RTB Limited
Paul Abrams, US Army
Consulting, training and coaching employees through various programs with a focus on People, Process and Profits.  With sales, marketing and leadership experience for the last 23 years, he’s motivated by family and friends who are all entrepreneurs.  This former Army medic is driven to help others grow along with their businesses.

Kristina Fahl, Navy Spouse
ShuttleBee makes families lives easier by solving transportation issues for kids, providing drivers with technology, insurance and logistics support needed to excel at their job.  In Kristina’s former life, skillset was in process improvement, hiring, training, coaching and talent development.

Trend Lab
Yasmin George, Army Spouse
Trend Lab is a marketing agency, which helps small businesses use marketing as a driver for business growth. Given prior 15 years of marketing experience in corporations and startups, motivated to use experience to help other veterans and spouses who are also starting their own business with marketing, storytelling and advertising efforts.

Come join us on Wednesday, March 20 (6:00pm – 8:00pm) at WeWork (1601 Market Street, Philadelphia) for the Philadelphia Launch Party celebrating the 2019-A tribe. Attendees will have an opportunity to meet the tribe and hear about each of their companies.  This casual networking event is free to attend and you can register here.