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Launch Lab is Bunker Labs’ 16-week program to help your business, validate and scale your business concept, generate revenue, and develop a path towards sustainability. We also include leadership, adaptability, and values in our education program. As part of our program, we will assign mentors to meet with you weekly, and also work to make critical introductions on your behalf.


You will be assigned a mentor and you will have the opportunity to speak/meet with them weekly for one hour for the duration of the 16 week program.

Additionally, you can access subject matter experts via our Slack channel to get input on various topics that are relevant to running your business (fundraising, legal, accounting, benefits, sales, etc).

Curriculum expectations

We meet weekly for approximately 3 hours to discuss the following: company updates, topic review, featured cohort company case study, and a guest speaker (on weekly topic).

Core Topic Areas

  1. Planning for Your Exit

  2. Values and Culture

  3. Product Market Fit/ Market Opportunity

  4. Economic Modeling

  5. Pitch and Storytelling

  6. Marketing Infrastructure

  7. Sales & Business Development

  8. Legal Preparation and Common Legal Landmines


9. Financial Basics/Business Structure

10. Lending and Debt Financial Vehicles

11. Raising Capital

12. Managing Risk

13. Team Building/Hiring the Right People

14. Scaling Your Business and Leveraging Technology

15. Operational Infrastructure

16. Advisory Boards/Networking/Mentors

Cohort Expectations/Deliverables

  • Active participation in meetings, experiential learning, and discussions (75% attendance)

  • Actively engage with mentors that are provided as a part of the program

  • Willingness to learn and to teach others from your experience

  • Actively complete business related assigned work

  • Five hours a week dedicated to Launch Labs (3 for cohort meeting and 2 for homework)

  • Engage in community service to help give back to the community (20 hours over the 16 week period)

Program Expectation/Deliverables

Every company entering our cohort may be at different stages and industries with various products/services.

Anticipated deliverables may include:

  • Complete a minimal viable product or prototype if possible

  • Complete website or digital marketing

  • If product/service is ready to bring to market, close your first customer

  • Establish quarterly and annual goals

  • Establish core company values

  • Perfect your company pitch

  • Be prepared for weekly meetings